Samueli Academy Work-based Learning

Work-based learning

Connecting strong academics with real-world experiences to help students build a strong foundation for success in college, career, and life.

  • Career Ignition Conference

    Come speak to our students and offer workshops about your career/industry, how to get there, educational requirements, average salary, daily schedule, business etiquette, professional attire, and more on NOV 7th, 2022.

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  • Career Exploration Tours

    Host freshman students for a tour at your company's headquarters and help them observe and experience the application of knowledge and skills in the workplace for the purpose of career exploration.

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  • Internships

    Offer a junior student an internship at your company. Internships embody the interplay of exploration, reflection, and direct experience with feedback and guidance offered by staff, teachers, mentors, employers, and peers. Students also develop college and career readiness, success skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and life skills that are essential for the real world.

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